Private Commissions

Private commissions are commissions that will not be used for profit. This can include: 

-Pet Portraits

-Tattoo Designs

-Images to hang in your home or office

General FAQ

All prices include free shipping inside the US for unframed images that are 9x12 inches or smaller. 

Please add $15 for international shipping for 8x10 and 9x12 sizes

Please contact me for shipping rates on larger sizes or framed works (such as shadowboxes). 

Please contact me for specialty mailing services such as expedited shipping, insurance, or a postal carrier other than USPS. 

Current Approximate Wait for a Completed piece: 4-12 weeks

Pet Portraits and General Private Commissions 

Prices listed below are starting quotes for a single pet/subject with a simple or no background.  Additional accessories, complex backgrounds, and other extras may affect the final quote. Please contact me for a final quote. If you are interested in a larger size, please feel free to contact me. If you would like multiple pets or subjects in the same drawing, each additional pet/subject is an additional discounted charge.  If you are ordering multiple drawings, some discounts may apply. 

8x10 Inches

Standard $150 

+ $50 per each additional pet (limit 2 pets/drawing)

9x12 inches 

Standard $175

+$60 per each additional pet (limit 3 pets/drawing)

11x17 inches

Standard $250

+ $75 per each additional pet (limit 4 pets/drawing)

14x20 inches

Standard $325

+ 100 per each additional pet (limit 4 pets/drawing)

Tattoo Commissions 

I love creating something special for people that may become a part of them for the rest of their lives.  It is a high honor, but also a big responsibility.  As with any big life decision, be sure to contemplate the gravity of getting a design tattooed. Tattoo commissions are priced based on complexity and subject matter. All tattoo commissions start at $250, with no exceptions.  I appreciate that this may be more a lot for someone looking for a relatively simple design. If you would like a referral to another artist, I can happily provide one!

Please contact me for a final quote on your design. 

All tattoo commissions come with 2 sketch revisions, a high quality scan of the completed drawing, and the original drawing (see above for shipping details). I am also happy to sign any forms that may be necessary for your tattoo artist that authorize the use of the image. 

Specialty Commissions

I offer a number of specialty commissions, including shadowbox commissions, personal website banners, and ACEO cards. 

All prices listed below are loose approximations.  Please contact me for exact details. 


Shadowboxes start around $250-$400 for a small (8x10 inch or 9x12 inch) size. Prices fluctuate depending on subject matter, detail, and other factors.  Please contact me with a detailed description for more details. 

Personal Website Banner

For non-commercial use only. 

Prices range from $300+ depending on complexity. Please contact me with a detailed description for more details. 

ACEO (Art Card) 

Artist Trading Cards are the size of a standard baseball card (2.5x3.5 inches).  Prices start at $50 for a custom artist trading card. You can read more about these collector items online. 

Unframed Earth Day Shadowbox

Framed Earth Day Shadowbox

Mot Mot Bird Shadowbox

Simple Small Bird Shadowbox

Website Banner 

"Illuminated" ACEO


Howling Wolf ACEO


Mystic Fox ACEO


Diptych Dragon and Wolf ACEO 


Terms of Service- Please Read and Consider Carefully Before Ordering 

Commission Process

The commission process in most cases is very straightforward. I provide an initial quote, which usually remains the same throughout the process.  Occasionally there are instances where a client asks for additional details, sketches and other things of that nature during the process.  These types of things come at an additional charge, but will always be discussed and negotiated beforehand.  I never spring charges on a client without first having a conversation. 

After the initial quote I require a downpayment (usually 25% or $100 for orders over $400), which is to be made to: That is a address, which allows you to pay with an existing Paypal account, debit card or credit card. 

This downpayment must be paid before the start of the commission. Once your commission has been started, this downpayment acts as a Kill Fee and cannot be refunded, unless something drastic should happen on my end such as sickness or another unforeseen event.
Please note that after a downpayment is made, things like size and complexity cannot be changed. I schedule clients based on the complexity of the project.  Any major change or new direction for a project will be considered a new project.

Once your commission starts, I will be in regular contact. I give each client the chance to view an initial sketch if they please. I accept one round of changes to the sketch or two rounds of changes for tattoo commissions. Complicated changes may require an additional fee. Additional changes after the first, start around $15/change. This is a pretty rare occurrence, as I always do my best to adhere to the client's vision and never purposefully botch a drawing to collect more expenses. After the sketch is completed, I continue with color. I always recommend to clients that they be trusting of the way in which I apply color for the best results. Color schemes are very helpful if you have one in mind, of course! But too much input on color can lead to the end result looking stiff or clunky. I have a very distinct style in which I work, so I recommend browsing my gallery/art on Facebook or Instagram to become familiar with my style and to be sure that I am the right artist for your project.  

Once the image is complete, you will receive a photo of the finished drawing. At this point, I require the final payment+shipping payment to be made to my account. Upon receiving final payment, I will send you a scan of the finished drawing if the drawing is 9x12 inches or smaller. High resolution scans of larger drawings are an additional $25.

The drawing will then be shipped to you to enjoy!

Please Read and Consider Carefully

I upload pictures of final commissions on all of my social media channels. There are several reasons for this, some are personal and others are strictly related to marketing. In the past I have had certain clients be uncomfortable with this, so now I make sure that all of my clients are aware of this fact up front. If for personal reasons you feel like this may conflict with your decision to order a commission, please let me know. I certainly will not be offended, but I will usually not be able to take the commission. If a client wishes to remain anonymous in social media posts, that is perfectly fine! I always respect a client's privacy.

Commissions are only for personal use by the client. Feel free to use the design as a tattoo, desktop, screensaver or on something like a personal blog. Commissions are not to be used for commercial use, unless previously discussed. I do offer commercial commissions for logo design, product design, and so forth. These require custom rates and an additional consultation. More information about these types of commissions can be found here

Finalized commissions are sold as prints in my shop. This is to help subsidize cost (in other words, it helps to keep my prices as affordable as possible) and make it feasible to continue to take commissions. If the client is ordering a pet portrait, and feels uncomfortable with the finished image being sold as a print, we can discuss this beforehand. 

If a client truly wishes that an image not be recreated as a print in my shop, usually the price of the commission must be doubled to make the commission feasible. I really do apologize for this.  In the past I tried to keep each commission as special as possible to the client; however, in recent years private commissions have become much more challenging to schedule due to other projects and obligations. I want to assure potential commissioners that prints that are sold in my shop are loved and cherished by many avid art collectors around the world.  I realize that to some this may feel like it makes the commission less special, but keep in mind that the original commissioner is the only person who owns the original artwork. 

For Tattoo Commissioners

Please be aware that I am not responsible for anything that happens after I have created a design for you to use. Getting a tattoo is a serious decision and should be treated with care and contemplation. I am not responsible injury or harm that may come from getting a tattoo, nor I am I responsible for mistranslated tattoos. Be sure to carefully research tattoo shops and tattoo artists beforehand.   

Tattoo artists may suggest changes to my design for the purpose of better translating the design to skin. This should be worked out between you and your tattoo artist. I do my best to create something that I think will work well as a tattoo: bolder outlines, increasing the contrast in certain areas, using less colors that fade easily. This being said, I am not a tattoo artist. Please be aware that once the design has been accepted and paid for, I cannot revise the work unless you wish to purchase an additional commission. 

Tattoo commissions are sold as prints in my shop, but I never resell the rights to use the image as a tattoo to someone other than the original client. All tattoo commissions are clearly marked as such so that other people are aware they are not permitted to the design. In the past this has been an issue, which is part of the reason I have started to limit the number of tattoo commissions I take. Tattoo commissions are very time consuming, and the only way I am able to subsidize cost is to sell prints and additional merchandise. Please let me know ahead of time if this is something you feel uncomfortable with.

Thank you for reading! Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns!

Commission Request Form

If you have read the above information and would like to order a private commission, please feel free to fill out this form. Be sure to provide a detailed description of what you would like. I will get back to you as soon as possible!

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