Katy Lipscomb is a professional illustrator from Athens, Georgia. She graduated from the University of Georgia with a Bachelor of Fine Arts with an emphasis in drawing in 2016.

Whether finding color in the most unexpected places or finding magic in the smallest of moments, Katy has always had an artistic eye for the world around her. Now, acting as the head of her own design firm, Katy shares the creatures she creates on almost every platform imaginable, from Children’s Books to Augmented Reality. Katy Lipscomb LLC works to bring the joy of Katy’s paintings into as many lives as possible, hoping to spark a similar curiosity and to share her contagious passion. 

Katy was born in Dallas, Texas in 1993.  Since then she has lived across the United States including Michigan, North Carolina, and is now settled in Georgia. When she isn't working on her art, she enjoys traveling and hanging out with her friends and family.

A Review of Katy's Work

"Katy Lipscomb’s explorations into the collision between the natural and the artificial present themselves to us as creatures dissolving into darkness and melting into radioactive saturation. Starting with an unfiltered and accelerated sketch, Katy builds her compositions layer by layer into lush landscapes of flora and fauna. Usually her work radiates around a central focal point allowing a narrative to unfold from one point to the next, often tangling itself with another opposing force. Inks and watercolor are often thought of as an untamed media but Katy captures this unpredictable nature, adding swirling textures and masterfully controlling pigments to make the characters erupt off of the page. The organized chaos is defined by quick strokes and informed linings, building and reducing this environment into final crescendos of tone and energy. The beauty of Katy’s work is difficult to pinpoint exactly, overall they are seductive images but the exact mechanizations of this seduction are lost in the masterful weavings that establish her final compositions. Despite her rendering utilizing educated anatomies and complex perspectives, too easily can the viewer loose themselves to the visceral movement that defines her work. If you were to only be allowed a look at her palette, you would think every work to be destined for mud and madness but somehow this is subverted. Blues collide into oranges and yellows trail into violets without the faintest hint of indecision. Katy knows her craft, built over years of daily study, practice, failures, and, overwhelmingly, successes. Her portfolio is an unhindered joy to experience and, luckily for her audience, it is an oeuvre that continues to build and evolve with every new piece."

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