Katy Lipscomb 

Freelance Illustrator & Designer

Katy has over ten years of expertise in Freelance Illustration for both private and corporate clients. She has experience in both traditional and digital media with practice in delivering Illustrations suitable for digital and physical print, products, apparel, and more. She has demonstrated abilities to deliver quality illustrations and products under tight deadlines and for a wide range of applications, including in games, books, advertisements, and apparel. 


  • 2011-Present Freelance Illustration for Commercial Clients
  • 2011-Present Freelance Illustration for Private clients and collectors 
  • 2021 - Present Derwent 
  • 2019-Present Blick Art Materials - Projects including packaging design, livestream product demos, and videos & stills for marketing purposes
  • 2015-Present Blue Star Press - various projects and publications 
  • 2019 Kaufland Romania - 42 unique playing cards with fantasy creature designs for Animaterra 2, an international advertising campaign with an augmented reality application.
  • 2016-2019; Carved - Illustrations for Phone Cases and other products
  • 2019 Adidas - Illustration for Ultra Boost advertising campaign 
  • 2018-2019 Upper Deck - Projects including work on Jungle Book and Grimm's Fairy Tales Campaigns
  • 2017-2019 Stabilo - Illustrations for advertising campaigns
  • 2016-2017 Tasty Minstrel Games - Illustrations for ZooScape game
  • 2016 Ethika - Six Illustrations for a Summer 2017 line of men's boxers
  • 2015 Winsor & Newton- Featured Artist at Binders Colour Your World live event in Atlanta and Illustrations for T shirts and advertising  
  • 2016 Bee Paper company - custom artwork for product packaging
  • 2015 Patreon - Logo Illustration design for advertising, corporate headquarters, and company T-shirts 


  • Traditional Illustration
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Procreate 
  • Past work experience with commercial clients 
  • Social Media Management 
  • Workshops and Demos

Workshops and Demos

  • 2020 Facebook Live Event with Blick Art Materials 
  • 2019 Guest Artist workshop at KA Artist Shop in Athens, GA
  • 2017 Visiting Artist Lecture on Social Media Practices for Imi Hwangbo’s Professional Practices Class at University of Georgia
  • 2015 Featured Artist and Demo Artist for Winsor & Newton’s Color Your City product launch and show at Binders in Atlanta Georgia

Publications and Media

  • 2021. "MAGZOID - Luxury in the Creative Space | November 2021" 
                       Featured artist with review of work.  View the publication here.
  • 2017  "Stress Relieving Cats" and "Howl" featured on ABC's The View
  • 2016  Time Magazine “How Coloring Inside the Lines Came into Fashion” Sarah       Begley, VOL. 187, NO. 9 2016
  • San Antonio Magazine “Color Me a Success” by Chris Warren, March 2016
  • Bored Panda “Wild Animal Spirits In Pencil AndMarker Illustrations By Katy   Lipscomb (Interview)” by Paulina Tikunova                                                                http://www.boredpanda.com/marker-drawing-pencil-artist-katy-lipscomb/
  • ViralHub 247 “Interview: Katy Lipscomb -Swirling, Lovely, Colorful Illustrations” http://www.viralhub247.com/article/read/interview-katy-lipscomb-swirling-lovely-colorful-illustrations
  • 2015 “Wolf Whistling”Fashion Follower, January 21, 2015,        http://fashionfollower.com/Mainpage/katy-lipscomb-artist/ 
  • 2014 “Katy Lipscomb |AsFar as My Art Goes” Design Wars, April 11, 2014        http://www.designwars.com/graffiti_streetart/katy-lipscomb-art/   
  • “Beautiful Drawings by Katy Lipscomb” Open Stock Blog, April 14, 2014 https://www.vectoropenstock.com/blog/beautiful-drawings-by-katy-lipscomb/   
  • “Nature Meets Art: Watercolor Illustrations byKaty Lipscomb” HipBlow September 1 2014, https://www.facebook.com/hipblowsocial/posts/713855278691216
  • 2013 National PublicRadio “How Vine Settled on 6 Seconds” All Tech Considered August 20, 2013 


Foxy the Fox and the Unexpected Treasure 
Written by Kathleen French Illustrations by Katy Lipscomb Layout and Design by Tyler Fisher

Sketch Your Art Out: A Skill and Style Activity Guide
Illustrated, Written and Designed by Katy Lipscomb and Tyler Fishers

Stress Relieving Cats
Adult Coloring Book Illustrated by Katy Lipscomb and Published by Blue Star Premier 

Adult Coloring Book Illustrated by Katy Lipscomb and Published by Blue Star Premier 


University of Georgia 
BFA Graduate in Drawing and Painting, Lamar Dodd School of Art, University of Georgia, Graduation December 2016

Georgia State University
Undergraduate in Fine Arts program

Featured Projects

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