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"Hati & Skoll" - Enamel Pin Set

$32.00 USD

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Based on the epic mythology of Hati, Skoll, and Fenrir, this pair of pins tells the story of two wolves in an infinite battle to capture the sun and moon. Individually, these pins represent their respective celestial bodies that when paired together create an elegant composition. These pins arrive on a specially designed backer card which fully illustrates the beauty in their futile struggle.

Hati (Sun Wolf) Specifications: 

-Open Edition
-Glitter Detail
-7 Colors
-Gold-colored Plated
-Gold-colored Chain
-1.75"x 3.5 inches
-4x6 inch custom backing card
-Double Post
-Rubber Clutch 

Skoll (Moon Wolf) Specifications: 

-Open Edition
-Glow in the Dark Detail
-7 Colors
-Silver-colored Plated
-Silver-colored Chain
-1.5"x 3.5 inches
-4x6 inch custom backing card
-Double Post
-Rubber Clutch 

You may order the pair which comes on a single 5x7 backer card or you can order either wolf individually which arrives on a split 4x6 card.

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